Netflix’s first original animated comedy series, Bojack Horseman is the new millennial favourite. Why wouldn’t it be? The character is still problematic and treats people in an outrageous manner. However, some dialogues from that show are a little too relatable. From a broken heart to an existential crisis, the writers have a liner for almost every feeling. Here are 10 times Bojack hit home:

The Guilt of Binge Eating

During this quarantine, we’re all guilty of binge eating. Well, so is Bojack.

10 Times Bojack Hit Home.

Yes, Bojack, we have no self-control either and especially in these circumstances, that’s okay. We’re all dealing with this epidemic differently. So if binge eating is your coping mechanism, so be it!

The Art of Pretending

As we grow up, life takes multiple turns. Some good, some bad. But when the bad days last longer, we still have to put on a smile on anyways. For those days, Bojack puts his wisdom in words

10 Times Bojack Hit Home.

That One Bad Morning of Adult Life

When you burn the first meal of the day, spill your coffee and get late to work or class. The realisation of your lack of talents brings in certain epiphanies…

10 Times Bojack Hit Home.

The Reality Check

During those realisations that no matter how bad of a day you’re having, life doesn’t stop for anyone. So you just keep one foot in front of the other. Just to get through the day and move forward.

10 Times Bojack Hit Home.

The Anxiety of a Risky Text or an Important Exam

10 Times Bojack Hit Home.

When you send a risky text, have an important event or an exam. The heart sinking, stomach twisting feeling is something we can all relate to in specific times.

The Sappy 3 am Realisations

The time you realise the importance of people you’re surrounded with. People you’ve met in different places in your life and how each of them leaves you a lesson. The people around you, make you.

10 Times Bojack Hit Home.

In Times of Failure

10 Times Bojack Hit Home.

When it feels like life is nothing but one locked door after another. But the secret is, to just keep swimming. It’s okay to take time off but the reality remains, life doesn’t stop for anyone. Neither should you, because behind one of those doors is life’s precious gift waiting for you.

Wake-up Call

Those moments where you know the outcome, but you do it anyway. Like waiting till the last moment to study for an exam. Staying up late when you have an important meeting or class. Most of all, repetitive stupid decisions. But hey, life’s too short to be careful all the time.

10 Times Bojack Hit Home.

Life In Quarantine

This pretty much describes our life in quarantine. Remember when we thought quarantine would last 3 weeks? Then it turned into 3 weeks. Then 3 months.

10 Times Bojack Hit Home.

And the thought of it being 3 years is unnerving…

The Light of Hope

Even though life is jarring sometimes if someone like Bojack says it gets easier, then it will.
So don’t give up just yet, don’t let your progress hinder. Put a pause and come back tomorrow. Because it gets easier.

10 Times Bojack Hit Home.

We still need to acknowledge that the character’s treatment of other people in the show might is sometimes quite intolerable. But these 10 times Bojack hit home and was too real for all of us.

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