In recent years, Instagram has proved to be very useful not just for Pakistani artists on Instagram but for artists around the globe.

Along with Pakistani celebrities and models, who often use Instagram as their profile or for promotion of their work, now many magazines are on Instagram as well to grow in this field.

But the game changers are Pakistani Instagram artists. They have started using Instagram as their portfolio. They post their artworks, writings, illustrations etc. This not only aims to showcase their art but also to help inspire people in this digital age.

They use their art to portray realities of our lives like injustice, discrimination etc.

So, we have made a list of top 10 talented Pakistani Instagram Artists you should follow.

Aiman Noor

Aiman Noor is a designer and illustrator. She focuses on gender based equality, women empowerment, and south Asian identity. At the moment, her art is heavily focused on symbolism and the human form and visual narratives revolving around her surroundings. Find out more about here: @sambhalkar_soch

I find that art has massive power to move people to social change

Aiman Noor

Gulbeen Gulraiz

Gulbeen Gulraiz is a 23-year-old Lahore based student/artist. She has done her BSC in Fashion Marketing from the Institute of Fashion and Design. 

They say that writers bleed on paper, well if you ask me I bleed my colours on the digital canvas, it says alot about me, it shows alot about me, it’s my blood and soul, it spills my insanity and makes me sane, just listen and feel quitely

Gulbeen Gulraiz

As a student, I have learned the skills of visual communication however, I think the way you visualize it, the way you present it, and the way you perceive it are all different for everyone.

She has a keen eye for aesthetics and simple yet mesmerising things and feelings which led her to energize into the canvas of digital framework.

Find more her here: gulbeengulraiz pakistani instagram

Gulbeen Gulraiz

The Daft Draft

Daft Draft is a Pakistani illustrator and copywriter living in Toronto. Having a background in advertising, DD enjoys creating pieces that are witty but also comments on different aspects and stereotypes of society. 

Daft Draft portrays stigmas and issues of society in a very brilliant way. It does not offend anyone and it does its magic. You should definitely check her work here: TheDaftDraft

Mahnoor Ahmad

Mahnoor Ahmad is a Pakistan based Illustrator. In her art, she beautifully depicts the harsh realities of the world. She actively participates in creating a better society based on equality and justice. She uses her art for this cause. Her work is inspiring a lot of people to be better. She regularly posts her work on Instagram. / Pakistani Instagram

Find more about her here – Mahnoor Ahmad

Abdal Mufti

Abdal Mufti is one of the most talented Pakistani Instagram Artist and many of us follow him. He is a self-taught storyteller whose work depicts our everyday life and its expression. Abdal’s work holds deep aesthetic and poetic sense that charms the viewer at the very first glance.

With each passing day, I’ve started to dislike light more and more; I think it reveals too much.

When we asked him ‘Why Art matters to you?’ He said “For me, Art comes from a very personal place. It’s about expressing myself and trying to depict the world the way I see it. Why it matters is because, in a world that is otherwise in a state of chaos, Art helps me understand it better and helps me make a sense of it. I have gone through different stages of making art; starting it as an expression of personal turmoil, to addressing social issues, to finally now that I tend to tell stories through my work. I believe each of these elements has a different aspect to it and has their own importance.”

Wasfa Kamal

Wasfa Kamal is 22-year-old filmmaking student from Karachi. She is now a digital traditional Illustrator. Her illustrations are usually a ‘dig’ over desi societal issues faced by women and men collectively such as skin tones, marriage, and many more.

My illustrations are with deep and lively messages which are focused on modern and cultural touch.

Find more about her here – throughwasfa

Farwa Cheema

Farwa Cheema is an illustrator and animator. She is currently doing undergraduate program in Visual Communication and Design.

Her artwork takes a critical view of social, political and cultural issues. Often referencing Pakistani history, her work explores the varying relationships between popular culture and fine art.

Having engaged subjects as diverse as women rights, nostalgia and current issues of Pakistan, her recent work Beige which is still in process is a series about women who are deprived of their features and represent different cultures.

Find more about her here – @cheemathegrea

Novera Tariq

Novera Tariq is a Pakistani Instagram freelance illustrator and aspiring animator. She portrays the issues of society from the perspective of the millennial. Her work talks about from toxic man to issues like Mental health.

Her activism through art is an inspiration to many. Novera is a constant supporter of feminism and equal right and tries to bring a social impact in society via her art.

She creates satirical art that mocks modern society and emphasizes on the struggles of marginalized groups. Her aim is to create a safe space for women where they can come to not only relate to her art, but also to be each other’s support.

I like to highlight issues that many women face on a daily basis, whether I go through them or not. I intend to provide a voice to those who are shut down or don’t yet have the courage to speak up. I’ve created a space where everyone is accepted regardless of gender, sexual orientation, size, shape or colour. I accept all, and I intend to empower all 

Find more about her here – Novera Tariq


Marium is a textile designer, a visual artist and an illustrator. She’s doing bachelors from National College of Arts, Lahore. Her artwork draws a passionate Ying Yang in terms of colour. She is either a threshold of black and white or the mighty rainbow itself.

Colour is my super power. Whatever you wish to see in colours you can. Thus, every single interpretation of my artwork is art itself. You think of your own story when you read mine.


The themes she chooses to work with are spiritually stimulating and embody self reflection. They reflect her conscious understanding of the workings of an awakened soul.

Shehzil Malik

Shehzil Malik is one of the most powerful and inspiring Pakistani Instagram artist. Her work has been recognized globally and has changed or at least impacted many lives in a way or other.

Her work mostly represents the oppression, injustice and struggles women go through in a male dominant society. She tries to portray the realities that many chose to ignore in this age of technology where flow of information is easily accessible.
If you look at the art below, you will see how beautifully she breaks the stereotype and stigmas.

Stigmas like women riding bike, getting education, and many other issues. Shehzil Malik knows how a women in Pakistan exactly feels. She has made art on traumas and chaos to rise awareness and to educate people.

Artists like Frida Kahlo, Judy Chicago, Kara Walker and Barbara Kruge are her inspiration and we hope we see Shehzil one day making a huge impact in lives of women.

It is true that Pakistani use Instagram for many wrong and negative reasons like bullying, harassment, spreading fake news and etc, But these artists have proved how Pakistani Instagram community is using this tool for awareness, education, showcase of talent and starting a revolution for change.

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