Poles apart opinions are there when one thinks about videogames in the column of good or bad for mental and physical health. This question is evergreen in the mind of a user, whereas the truth is that each and everything in this universe does have pros and cons.

For having all the benefits with filtration from harm the only go-to mantra is moderation. So yes here in this article MERAKI is presenting you with 10 REASONS WHY VIDEO GAMES ARE GOOD FOR YOU

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1.     Concentrate:

According to present research’s concentration is the key for living in the moment which is linked to relaxation and learning, video games promote the release of dopamine hormones which promote learning and concentration, hence the constant formula for playing video games is always been “Less of concentration=losing game” .

Therefore if any an individual is a gamer than for sure that person has been master in concentration, as the majority of players, play video games while seating in their homes, which means they are always surrounded by their loved ones due to which there is chit chat for 24/7, in this sort of case extra focus skills are nourished for being in-game.

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2.     Accepting challenges:

Video games have variety accordingly of mindsets, ages, and mastery, gamers mostly don’t like to repeat the level once they have crossed, they always look after for new levels with new challenges.

They accept and own the new dares and the greatest fact is they admire it, they accept unknown challenges and take the risk with the total consideration for wining and learning purpose, this ultimately becomes their practice and part of life for even in their practical life.

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3.     No interest in ineffectual planes:

Video games enhance the attentiveness in artistic and constructive things which are fruitful in the end, in sort of happiness, relaxation or carry any sort of benefit, due to which most gamers ignore negative things like gossips, politics, unaffectedness, ineptitude, etc. it is a very stiff routine to be built, but easily been made In the ones who play video games

4.     Good mood:

Gamers, in the beginning, do have a lot of mood swings as they associate themselves with wining, but eventually when they normalize it by giving video games sometimes at practicing.

Their total contemplation shifts to exploration which up brings balance in mood level, and as soon as they win or play greatly their moods become fascinatingly good, just with the game!

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5.     Updated:

Video games are associated with technology, as new upgrading comes within the world of software’s or graphics, gamers usually know it more rapidly as compare to the people with another interest, gamers are generally very well know about the details and updates.

They know more about processors and their quick handling, shortcuts, and information’s, even if they spot anyone with their ideal processor they immediately bombard they questions which one hasn’t ever imaged, and the owner would even get a thought that Oh My God does this all features and details are present in this model, gamers are so updated!

6.     No need to have bunches of people:

By playing video games, they start enjoying the company of every individual but they start keeping their main circle very small, they become choosy in regard for people, to whom to keep and why.

Through this habit they got the real ones in their life with less negativity, while the best essence which arose from this pattern is that they don’t need bunches and bunches of people anymore, they relish their own company which means: no space for useless feelings or peoples.

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7.     Ready for spontaneous actions:

Video games are always unpredictable with loads of risk on each stage, video games stimulate mind a lot, therefore the mind of gamers become habitual of handling the moments where quick decisions or actions have to be made, there the mind works more quickly in rapid situations as compared to the people who don’t play.

8.     Winning attitude:

Gamers got the winning attitude if they fail once they try again and again until they don’t triumph, they don’t give up easily, this practice makes them explore innovative ways and tricks to converting the situation into their favor.

9.     Fun lovers:

Their personalities are very exciting; they avoid boredom and turnout tedious plans or situations into fun and enjoyment cause to which public around them starts adoring their company and logical mindset.

10. Motivation:

Winning any level of video game gives punches of motivation to the player through stimulation and happiness, because of which they don’t require others to motivate them, as they have self-confidence enough through crossings levels and moving forward day by day in their video games; they got their motivation through the game.

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10 REASONS WHY VIDEO GAMES ARE GOOD FOR YOU have been explained here.

Every person is different from another, video games do bring changes in habits and skills accordingly of user handling, but as The Meraki Magazine has brought you 10 10 REASONS WHY VIDEO GAMES ARE GOOD FOR YOU, do let us know if you have noticed any positive side of video gaming too!    

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