When we come into this world; we come alone. Then this world gives us some amazing people to live with. Our family, relatives, friends, and loved ones. However, relationships are not always easy to handle. They are a roller coaster ride; with highs and lows. Problems and statements related to them: can put a Crack In Any Relationship .

Communication is one significant part of the relationships. Mostly, our relationship is dependent on it. We love, we fight, we argue. But during arguments, we sometimes say things we didn’t mean to. This puts a strain on our relationships. 

10 phrases That Put a Crack In Any Relationship

While we absolutely love to jump on the bandwagon and thrash others. We should keep the consequences in mind. 

Our words can literally hurt a person. They can cause extreme pain or create negative feelings. Therefore we should always take extra care in the heat of the moment. 

“Be mindful when it comes to your words. A string of some that don’t mean much to you may stick with someone else for a lifetime.” -Rachel Wolchin

Here are 10 statements that can put a crack in your relationships.

1. “You are always so_______.”

We often fill this blank with a negative word, during arguments. Why we do this? To reflect our opinions at that time. But with heightened emotions, we forget that there are no absolutes in real life. 

While conveying our feelings, we usually go off track. We make people feel ‘less’ than the actual truth. This leaves the other person a bit disheveled. They are bound to feel hurt over the fact that you “always” think like this about them. Hence this is in the top list of 10 phrases That Put a Crack In Any Relationship .

10 phrases That Put a Crack In Any Relationship

Therefore, during confrontations, be objective. Stay in the moment and discuss the current situation. In a calmed state, you will know that this person is not always “____.” So, be a little mindful and avoid such statements.

Instead, convey your real feelings. Use words that describe your feelings, rather than stating about other’s traits.

You can say something like: “I feel (your feeling) when you_____.” This way, the other person would exactly know what ticks you off.

2. “Why can’t you be more like_______?”

Statements like this insinuate that you are making comparisons. And ask yourself who likes comparison? Do you?

It’s an absolute downer for the other person. Also, this sounds as if you are putting them down. Which leads to wounds that can never be mended.

It hurts their feelings, and they may retaliate in ways you won’t like. Therefore, to avoid this war of words. Be conscious of your speech.

Hence, never compare because each person is an individual. They are responsible for their own conduct, the same as you. So, keep it between you and them only. 

3. “You can’t do anything right.”

This statement is a direct attack on anyone’s feelings of worth. It will eat them up inside. Also, it will hurt them to no end. 

Making anyone feel worthless is damaging. It slices through people’s core values. Moreover, it will gnaw a person’s self-worth. Therefore, if you do not want to hurt a person mentally or emotionally, stop saying such statements. 

It’s better to refrain from these statements than finding ways to undo them later. Since some damages cannot be undone. // Crack In Any Relationship

10 phrases That Put a Crack In Any Relationship

4. “You are being ridiculous.”

Stop putting labels on anyone. They last a lifetime. We need to understand that it’s never about a person as a whole. It’s that person’s behavior that irks you. 

Insulting a person’s abilities or characteristics cannot be justified, in any situation. It shows that you do not respect them or care about them. People will feel invalidated and suppress their feelings.

Therefore, try to avoid statements that put a strain on your relationship.

5. “This is all your fault.”

It is never one person’s fault. Since it takes two to tango. Therefore, blaming and shaming others is not the solution. This feels like an emotional attack.

So, instead of putting blame on others; sit down and discuss. This will solve the issues, as well as save your relationships.

6. “If You didn’t do this, I wouldn’t have done this.”

Again it’s like blaming others for your actions. No one can make you do anything. You are responsible for your actions. Besides, nobody controls your feelings. You have them in control.

To avoid this blame game, tell the person why you feel bad. This will give them some insight; they will know what upsets you.

10 phrases That Put a Crack In Any Relationship

7. “You’re a horrible parent/friend/partner.”

Such statements hit below the belt. It shakes up their identity and self-worth. Additionally, you can never take this back. Such labels stay with people forever. 

Therefore, it’s better to keep your emotions in check. Do not fire words that you can never pull back. And in turn put a Crack In Any Relationship .

8. “I am not the problem; you are.”

Such a statement will make other people feel blamed. It’s like shifting blame onto others. So, they will get defensive in response.

Both parties contribute equally to a situation. You would have contributed equally to a problem. Therefore, hold your horses, and think rationally. Instead of putting cracks in your relationship, accept your fault.  Since accepting mistakes always save a relationship.

9. “You let me down.”

Even if the other has disappointed you in any way, guilt-tripping them is worse. It’s better to explain to them what they have done and what could have been done. Try telling them your expectations and what could have made it better. 

Drawing up a list of disappointments will never solve issues. There is always room for improvement.

10. “You’re such a_______.”

Statements, such as this, usually end with an expletive. Name-calling is like downgrading them. Never fall back on such retorts. Rather you should act maturely.

Such statements are mean and hit up to the core. A person will feel deeply hurt over this. Therefore, think well before finishing up this sentence. Since this reflects your opinion of that person. 

crack in relationship

Final Words

Sometimes, we say things we do not mean. But words leave an everlasting impression on others. It is the easiest way to hurt anyone emotionally. Therefore, always be careful in your communication. Words have the power to crack through the tough walls of your relationships and put a hole in there.

So, try to be genuine and objective. Stay on the track rather than flowing away with your emotions. otherwise, such statements will damage your relationships.

“Handle them carefully, for words have more power than atom bombs.” -Pearl Strachan Hurd

10 phrases That Put a Crack In Any Relationship

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