Tired of watching English series but too shy to admit it? Don’t worry, I feel you! And I won’t even call you a fake burger for feeling this way. // Pakistani Dramas to Binge-Watch Right Now

You don’t have to thank me.

In the days where English series suddenly seem too posh, and Indian series too much; it’s time to turn towards Pakistani Drama’s.

(And no, by Pakistani dramas, I do not mean the drama you do at home. Haha, I have reached peak comedy with that joke). No! I mean Pakistani Dramas that you watch on TV.

So, without further ado; here is a list of Pakistani Dramas that you should binge-watch right now!


10 Pakistani Dramas to Binge-Watch Right Now

Since it’s Ramadan, and most of us are searching for that spiritual connection; I recommend to you; Alif. Based on a novel, Alif follows the theme of spirituality packed with aesthetic cinematography and a storyline to die for. 

Seriously, once you start to watching Alif, it’ll be hard to not binge-watch all of it in a day.

Yaqeen ka Safar

10 Pakistani Dramas to Binge-Watch Right Now

Yaqeen ka safar is one of the very few Pakistani dramas which addresses serious topics like abuse while also keeping that theme of ‘Pakistani love’ as I call it alive. 

You hearts are bound to melt because:

  1. Sajal Aly and Ahad Raza are in it (aka, our most shipped couple)
  2. Who doesn’t love some drama mixed with pyaar bharri story???
  3. Bringing serious issue to light? Y E S.

Go binge-watch this Pakistani drama right now. And I mean RIGHT NOW.


10 Pakistani Dramas to Binge-Watch Right Now

*Cue my cringe-worthy ear-cancery voice singing the theme song* WO HUMSAFAR THAAA MAGAR USSAYYYY HAM NAWAEEEE NA THEEE

I know, I know, this one’s old. But, since it’s so ICONIC, a little rewatching session won’t hurt, would it?

Imean, who doesn’t want to experience Mahira Khan and Fawad Khan on-screen together being mushy and happy and dramatic as well? *wipes happy tears*


10 Pakistani Dramas to Binge-Watch Right Now

Another great Pakistani drama to binge-watch is Ehd-e-Wafa. Especially if you want a light comedy with a dash of drama (ooof, perfect recipe). 

The story revolves around four friends who spend most of their time together before circumstances force them to part ways. Ultimately, the main theme of the drama is how friendship conquers all! 

(brb, gonna go text my friends because I miss them now) 

P.S: Another reason to binge-watch Ehd-e-Wafa is the fact that the two lead actresses in this drama are two people I STAN.

Iss Pyaar Ke Sadqay

10 Pakistani Dramas to Binge-Watch Right Now

I know most people will say bohat over hay yeh drama but listen here 


The desi aunty living inside of us secretly wants some of that spicy over-acting and conflict. So, why not go and satisfy her cravings by watching Iss Pyaar K Sadqay?

Zindagi Gulzar Hai

10 Pakistani Dramas to Binge-Watch Right Now

    Another throwback but binge-worthy Pakistani Drama! Starring my bae-who-doesn’t-know-he’s-my-bae FAWAD KHAN.

If you haven’t watched this yet then what are you doing? No, seriously, how do you miss out on an iconic drama like this one?

Go watch it and witness the lead character (Kashaf) be all of us as we sit down and discuss the shortcomings of men in our society. Love that

Yeh Dil Mera

10 Pakistani Dramas to Binge-Watch Right Now

Another iconic drama and one that I can say I loved.

(And you have to believe me because I don’t watch a lot of Pakistani Dramas).

If you want a love story based on ‘opposites attract’ ft. a twisty storyline, then Yeh Dil Mera is the drama for you


10 Pakistani Dramas to Binge-Watch Right Now

Shoutout to my best friends for suggesting this one because I am uncultured when it comes to Pakistani Dramas *shrug*

Anyone who has a soft spot for historical dramas should definitely give Aangan a watch. It is the perfect blend of drama set in the pre-partition era.

10 Pakistani Dramas to Binge-Watch Right Now


Does anyone else remember this iconic drama??? No? Well, you should because the lead character is played by Mahira Khan.

Honestly, just tell me that Mahira Khan is playing a character in a drama and I am sold

Another romantic binge-worthy Pakistani drama for all of our cheesy hearts to cry over!

10 Pakistani Dramas to Binge-Watch Right Now

Suno Chanda

Sometimes, a drama is produced that the Pakistani awaaz goes crazy over. And, Suno Chanda is one of those rare dramas!

A light comedy drama perfect for the entire family to watch during those post-ramadan hours! 

(Because, there’s no romance in it, so don’t be afraid to watch it with the fam).

What’s even better is that it has two seasons! So, that’s at least a week of your quarantine days filled up!

Honestly, I feel as though our Drama industry deserves more recognition than what it gets. So, why not ditch Netflix Series for a while and binge-watch Pakistani Dramas? You know your inner desi human wants to *wiggles eyebrows*

(And you can crazy over Fawad Khan and any other Pakistan celeb that you have a crush on <3)

Pakistani Dramas to Binge-Watch Right Now

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