Years were spent in search of answers for these questions, that have captivated the living being since the time we started to question, and some of them changed the course of world and the way we think. Here’s a list by Meraki;// Questions Which Changed The World

Chicken or Egg. Egg or chicken. Which came first? 

A question that has been troubling us since the very beginning. We have all been there and done there, still, it makes our head spin right off our necks. Well, not to worry now, because we finally have an answer. Yes, folks! The Meraki presents the science to this dilemma, in accordance with NPR’s Robert Krulwich who recently got to the bottom of this quandary when he came across the video below.

Apparently, there was a chicken-like bird, and the video calls it a ‘proto-chicken’. So, here’s how it goes; the proto-hen lays an egg and the proto-rooster fertilizes it. The genes get combined in such a way that mutation results in a baby different from their parents. Hence, when in a nutshell, two birds almost chicken-like, create a chicken egg, give us the answer: the egg came first, and then it hatched a chicken.

Is there a move that can possibly more-like;y to win Rock Paper or Scissors game?

A world-renowned game that is played not just for fun but a serious sport, and sometimes, even to settle disputes. Players use strategy over probability, that is by outwitting their opponent, be it a playground or annual International World RPS Tournament. Yes, It is true! And, it is a very serious competition. 

Arizona Diamondbacks Rock GIF by MLB - Find & Share on GIPHY

One way to guess the opponent’s nest move is to know how many rounds have they won. The one on the lead usually throws out scissors which generally represents aggression, while throwing out paper can be seen as a subtle attack. When strategies don’t work, players bring out rock as their last resort.

According to RPS handbook, there are countless common moves and techniques one must know to enter the professional word of RPS. The proficient players use “gambits”, a set of three moves, to build-up their strategy, and not make moves based on reaction.

How Does A Word Become A Curse Word?

If you must know, then originally a ‘curse’ word was just a bad type of prayer. Ergo, the first curse word ever was most likely ‘damn’, just like asking God to damn someone to Hell. And, with the religious power it held, it was instantly considered a taboo. 

Keeping in mind the mating habits of the generations, once anodyne words become unfit in the upper class. For instance, the Victorians initiated a practice of adverting to the thigh piece of a chicken as “dark meat’, as calling it ‘leg’ or ‘thigh’ could give the hostess a case of vapor.

Was Turkey a Bird or a Country Frist?

Turns out that the turkey-bird is native to Noth America. They acquired this name when the Spanish brought them from Mexico to Europe. At first sight, the Englishmen mistook them for a Guinea hen. It is a common fowl that the Turks imported from Africa, regularly.

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Why Can’t You Tickle Yourself?

 Much to the dismay, the human brain acts up against self-tickling. As the brain controls our every movement, it is very well aware of when, where, and what our hands are going to do before we even do it. Thus, it foresees the literal force, location and speed of the tickle, and desensitizes you to your own meandering hands. 

Consequently, why do we have a response when tickled by someone else?

Apparently, it is a panic response. Even if you know that someone is about to tickle you, the brain cannot really anticipate how and where will they tickle you. Also, alertness to being tickled is enough to open up the panic receptors and keep it all set to generate an uncontrollable fit of laughter in response.

Why Do Battery Letters skip to C After A? Was There Even A B-cell Battery?

In a battery, the cell size matters a lot. And, battery letter designations are determined on the bases of the size of the battery. For common use, A is the smallest, and D is the largest.in between these letters, B is not really useful now.

The stores do not carry them as the size of the battery never caught up with the products developed. A few years back they used to be only sold in Europe primarily to charge up bicycle lamps, which is not seen nowadays.

McDonald’s and CIA Have Something In Common. What Is It?

“Clowns wanted! We are looking for clowns to fit the high profile, permanent positions. Must be willing to relocate.”

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Doesn’t this sound a little peculiar? Well, it certainly because of the intense policy of employee secrecy that Mcdonald’s share with the Central Intelligence Agency. The Clowns who represent the company mascot, Ronald McDonald, are forbidden from disclosing their identities. 

It is considered a taboo for two costumed Ronald clowns to be in the same place at the same time. Of course, the clowns are all over the world and they gather up at the biennial Ronald McDonald Convention, which is also a top-secret. 

Most Of The Snooze Buttons Only Give You A Nine-Minute Nap. Why Is That?

During the 1950s, when the snooze feature was developed, the entrails of alarm clocks had already been standardized. With the existing gear configuration, engineers were left with only a single choice. Whether to snooze for a little more than nine minutes or more than ten minutes.

According to the reports, 10 minutes was a little too long, enough to allow the people to fall into a deep slumber, hence, the nine-minute gear was chosen. Even though, the digital clocks these days are programmed with features to set up snooze of any length, most stick with the standard snooze. // Questions Which Changed The World

How Much Wood Would a Woodchuck Chuck if a Woodchuck Could Chuck Wood?

Woodchucks aren’t really tree-oriented. Even though they climb up in search of food, they prefer to stay on the ground. Originally, woodchucks are called ‘wuchak’ and got this name just because the British couldn’t get a hold of Cree Indian pronunciation. Regularly, they are known as groundhogs, having a close relationship with animals like squirrels, marmots sharing an affinity of burrowing.

Evidently, a woodchuck can chuck dirt, that can go five feet deep and thirty-five feet in length, in the form of tunnels. Keeping these numbers in mind, a wildlife expert Richard Thomas calculated that if a woodchuck could really chuck the wood, it would be about 700 pounds of wood.

Can you really sense the weather with an Injured Body part?

Back in the day, there was a time when scientists would walk around barefoot on snowy grounds, just to contempt those who believed that sensing the weather with the body was anything but a wives’ tale.

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In 1961, the researchers of the University of Pennsylvania Medical School conducted a course of tests to prove this old school theory, whether the change in climate could affect your health. With 12 volunteers, the tests were performed in a climate-controlled chamber. Those who suffered from arthritis experienced immense pain as the air pressure lowered, suggesting an approaching storm.

// Questions Which Changed The World

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