Desi people have their own level that no one can beat. They have their own unique style of talking, doing various things and reacting to different things. There is no power that can change a desi. We have collected few tweets that will make you laugh. There is a list of desi things we all can relate to.

1- You can never say NO to your parents

Good children are supposed to say YES to everything their parents say to them. If you disagree with them, you are the most badtameez aulad.

2- Bathroom Slippers Never Fits You

There is always a bigger size of slippers in every washroom so that everyone can use it.

3- Every empty thing is a storage place

Be it a jar or a deep-freezer, desi people make sure to utilize things very efficiently.

3- Ammi always wins in her games

4- “Sorry” has alternatives

They are never sorry. Because the mistake is always ours and they are only being merciful upon us.

5- Dhania or Podina?

It is a very difficult task to remember whether ammi asked to bring dhania or podina? Sometimes, we end up buying both.

6- Mistake Is Always Yours

Every bad thing that happens in a house is always because of you. You are responsible for every calamity. Mothers, especially are ghalti-proof.

7- Every house has a shopper ki dukaan

How can a desi waste a shopper simply by throwing it away? It’s a big NO, No. We will save it for later use. Ironically, when we need a shopper, we never find one.

8- We Have A Family Forest

Desi people loveeee children. Our forefathers gave birth to dozens of children and we must follow their steps. One or two kid is not acceptable in desi families.

9- We Have Easy Ways To Block Space

Whether it is for AC ki cooling or chohay ka rasta. We have duppata or chaddar to block that gap.

10- We express anger by banging doors

Because there is no other way. Bechara darwaza.

22- We hear lots of tanaay.

It is impossible for desi mom to leave her child without taunting him.

23- Desi house has plastic-coated Tv remote

To make it tea-resistant, water-resistant and dirt-resistant, we cover it with plastic.

24- We cannot get enough of gossips!

Even if we spend several hours in gossips, the gossip at the end of the time wins the all!

25- Want to wake someone up? Turn off the fan!

This is the desi way of waking someone up. Surprisingly, it works well 😉

26- Your desi mom only praises you in front of Rishtay walay

There is only one time when your mom is ready to praise you. It is when someone is here with a marriage proposal for you.

27- We have a multi-purpose chair in our house

We use chairs to keep different things like clothes. In fact, these clothes are transferred from chair to bed, from bed to sofa and then back to chair.

28- We use swimming pools as toilets

We go to a swimming pool with a constant fear of what if someone pees in the water.

29- We use urdu grammar to make English plurals

We make english plural like we are the master of that language. We only need to add “on” or “ien” to the English word.

30- We have our own ways on roads

31- Only English speaking person is educated

We easily get impressed by someone who speaks English fluently. Unfortunately, we measure literacy and intelligence by the ability to speak a foreign language.

32- We never call husbands by their names

Because a bride is too shy to her husband’s name.

33- Marrying your cousin bhai is a thing

All your life, you keep calling them bhai. Suddenly, he become your husband.

33- One place where we all find the tv remote

We don’t need to find it anywhere else.

34- Every girl in a desi house…

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