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Back then, I never really knew how important mental health was until I experienced it. I always focused on physical health as a number of people complain about their physical health. So, I chose to focus on it. 

But gradually, I realized the importance of mental health when I found myself completely trapped in the pit of depression. I was unaware about it so, I thought it was a time being condition. Moreover mental health in Pakistan is seen as big taboo.

But, I was wrong, and I lost for a long time. It was really an inexplicable feeling for me at that time. It consumed me until I finally broke down.

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It was literally hard phase of life, when I experienced those dark days. By the passage of time, I realized that I took my emotional well-being for granted, and it made me worried.

Well, I started looking for psychiatrists but it was like a short-lived solution for me. So, after assessing the overall situation, I preferred to educate myself first and I vowed to myself to take little steps every day that will help improve my mental health.

And I started browsing, reading some researches, tips and tricks to be aware of it completely. Luckily it worked, and I felt myself much better than before.

The complete understanding of mental health issues and treatments helped to clear the misconceptions of my mind. 

This is a harsh fact that number of people are the victims of depression but unaware about it. And that’s why they have some misconceptions related to their mental health. The list of mental health issues is very long, and they fall in different categories.

For instance, mental health issues of college students, employee mental health issues, and may more. But in this mental health issues articles we focus on solutions to overcome them.

Today, I chose this topic because I think it’s one of the major issues in the world and our society as well.

Now-a-days, it has become a huge problem in our society because many of the youth have faced mental health issues but they are unable to combat  due to lack of awareness. Mental health in pakistan where do we stand is still a big question since we do not any official reports.

So it is extremely hard for us to come up with the overview of mental health in pakistan. But The Meraki Magazine tries to improve and help in betterment of state of mental health in pakistan. So here are few tips for you.

Here I would like to share the 10 habits that I adopted to rescue the mental health issues. I hope that it will do the same for you!

1. Awareness Matters:

First of all, as I mentioned above that awareness is the first and foremost step to know about your mental stability

The complete knowledge regarding mental health will help you to diagnose yourself at initial level.

This will help to clear your myths as well. For this, you should read and read a lot from different resources.

2. Focus On Your Positives:

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Secondly, you should focus on the positives of your life. For this, you need to be an optimistic person and see a brighter side of everything. This will help you to know the possibilities in all walks of life.

3. Practice Gratitude:

Always count your blessings instead of problems and try to adopt the habit of gratitude. This helps you to fight and pushes you to continue the battle.

  So, in everyday life, try to make it a habit and identify something to be grateful for.

4- Journaling Your Thoughts:

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Remember that writing is an art that helps to distract yourself from all the negatives of your life.

So, jot down your thoughts, emotions whenever you feel stressed out. You can write your positives and negatives as well. This will help you to explore yourself.

5. Stop Focusing On Others’ Opinions:

 This is one of the most important habits that everyone needs to adopt. For this, you need to stop focusing on others’ opinions because their opinions don’t define you.

So, stop worrying about the  judgments and let yourself free from worries. This will help you to reach at the highest level of freedom. 

6. Take A Digital Detox:

People always pretend themselves busy scrolling social media. It’s a way out for them to escape from reality, which is a hazardous solution of distracting yourself from chaotic thoughts.

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Using social media is not bad but sometimes we all need a break from it. And for this, we need to indulge ourselves in some other activities that help to be a productive person.

So, try to take a digital detox to refresh your mind. You can switch off your digital devices and go out to inhale some fresh air.

7. Face And Fight Your Fears/Failures:

Never give up on any kind of situations. Just face and fight your fears and failures of life. Trust yourself and believe that you can do this. This will help you to be a strong person. 

8.  Explore Your Passions:

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Sometimes, we have no idea what our dreams and passions even are. Having down time to play and daydream is so important to identify yourself. Don’t let stress snuff out your dreams and goals.

Just think about the possible solutions, available resources around you and identify your aims to explore it in your own way.

9. Try To Not Isolate Yourself:

It’s easy to isolate yourself when you are lost in muddled thoughts. It makes you feel alone which is harder to cope with depression.

It makes everything worse. To get rid of isolation, you need to socialize yourself instead of isolating. 

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Interaction with people make it easy which makes you a confident person. So, try to surround yourself with positive people.

10.  Read, Learn And Discover:

Try to keep yourself busy in reading books. This will help you to learn more and explore the new horizons of learning. This will help you to discover yourself in a true sense.

So, let’s start your journey to combat the mental health issues in your own way.

10 Habits To Combat Mental Health Issues // Pirah Aijaz

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