10 Atif Aslam Songs To Calm Your Soul

Your play list can never be complete without Atif Aslam songs. Atif is one of the most beloved singer of our time and he is still a legend.

Atif Aslam not only sung retro but also spiritual songs that touched every heart.

So, here are some of our favourites from Atif Aslam songs that will make you want to sing along for sure!

O Saathi

This Atif Aslam song was my go to song when I want to sing along to something. The lyrics, the music is so soothing it makes my heart sing

Dil Diyan Gallan

The beauty of this song is undeniable. The old school love ballad is sure to capture a place in your heart. Truly a romantic masterpiece.

Jeena Jeena

The vocals and sweet humming of Atif helps this song to stand out more than usual. Also, The flute is enchanting and mesmerizes you completely

Tere Sang Yaara

This song is a breath of fresh air. It makes you want to love someone and feel the breeze of love. This song of Atif Aslam was a hit on millennial.

Kuch Is Tarah

The lyrics depict true emotions of a lover. Someone who loves you deeply will never want to see tears in your eyes. Kuch is tarha will make you want to take away all grief and misery away from your loved ones.

Woh Lamhe

Wohlamhe has beauty written all over it. We all know the power of nostalgia and this Atif Aslam song will make you reminisce nights you’ll never forget.

Pehli Nazar Mein

We all have experienced that love at first sight feeling at least once. So, Get ready to be reminded it all with the melodious tune of this song. It is 90s kid’s all time favorite Atif Aslam song.


What a classic song. Even if you aren’t his fan one can never forget adat. This is Atif Aslam’s sad song which one can never get over it.

Wohi Khuda Hai

This song gives me the chills. The way Atif praises God almighty in this hamd has us all in tears and speechless.

Tajdar E Haram

Atif’s performance and vocals prove that he’s not just any singer with a few romantic hits but he can hit all the right notes.

Atif Aslam Tajdar-E-Haram was one of the most spiritual songs I have ever heard.

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